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Overview of house rules

And answers to the questions we hear most often

Ticket sales
Tickets for concerts and events in the Karosserifabrikken can be purchased in advance at

In case of problems
If there are problems, we ask you to contact customer service at yourticket, who are ready to help.

Tickets at the door
Provided that the concert/event is not sold out, it will also be possible to buy a ticket at the door when it is opened in connection with the concert. If it has been reported sold out at yourticket, it will not be possible to buy tickets at the door.

In case of cancellation
In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of events, a refund or new event date will be sent directly from yourticket.

Smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted in the Karosserifabrikken. Smokers must therefore go outside and away from the entrance to the venue to smoke. This also includes e-cigarettes.


It is mandatory to hand in jackets and bags in the cloakroom for reasons of safety and indoor climate. Price DKK 25 per jacket & bag. This is stated on the concert ticket.

The wardrobe is supervised by staff throughout the concert. The Karosserifabrikken does not compensate for the loss of effects, so for your own sake do not bring expensive effects that need to be stored.

House Rules

Show consideration

Help each other have a good concert experience.

Respect the music, the artist and your fellow concertgoers. If you have to stand and talk, please go outside so you don’t disturb other people’s experience of the concert.

It is not permitted to bring your own food and drink into the Karosserifabrikken area.

Persons whose clothing and/or visible tattoos indicate that they belong to the gang environment are not welcome in the Karosserifabrikken.

Narcotics policy

Karosserifabrikken does not accept the consumption or possession of any kind of drugs at our concerts or events. If you are caught in breach of the Act on euphoric substances, this will result in a police report, expulsion and two years’ quarantine.

Serving of alcohol

Alcohol is not served to guests who the staff assess could be a danger or inconvenience to themselves and others. It is not served to persons under the age of 18.


Guests who, through drunkenness, the influence of drugs or through violence, disturb staff or other guests will be expelled without refund of the ticket. Guests who repeatedly do not comply with the staff’s instructions will be expelled without refund of ticket.

Emergency exits may only be used in emergency situations, misuse of this will result in expulsion.

It is not permitted to bring or use fireworks and violation of this will result in expulsion and quarantine.

Guns and violence

The police are always called in the event of a violation of the Arms Act, in addition it is the task of the event manager to assess at any time whether the situation requires the presence of the police. All acts of violence are reported to the police.


Camera surveillance has been set up in Karosserifabrikken and in the outdoor areas around the building. The monitoring is established to create as safe an environment as possible and recordings are only handed over to the police at their request.

Standing or seating

It will be clear from the individual event description and ticket whether an event is standing or seated.

Disability and accessibility

If you have difficulty walking and find it difficult to stand up for a whole concert, there is the option of sitting on the stairwell in the back part of the concert room. Come in good time to be sure of a seat.

Wheelchair users will be able to be assigned a seat on the right close to the stage, where there will be a good view.

We offer, by prior agreement, free access for a companion with a companion card. Contact

We have disabled toilet facilities 

Photo & video

Different rules may apply from artist to artist and we will try to announce any special restrictions when purchasing tickets. However, always follow the staff’s instructions, as it may be prohibited at individual concerts.

It is basically permitted to take pictures with mobile phones and ordinary compact cameras. Be aware that you may disturb your fellow concertgoers when you hold your mobile phone in the air for a long time. Show consideration.

It is only allowed to take pictures with professional or semi-professional cameras if permission has been given in advance. It is not allowed to film the concerts. Photographers must always follow the staff’s instructions.

By participating in events at the Karosserifabrikken, you automatically give your consent that you can become part of concert recordings and that these can be used by artists and publishers for marketing and commercial purposes.

Sound policy

It is our goal to always match the sound level to the specific event, but our basic attitude is to focus more on sound quality rather than strength. We have a limit of 100 db measured in average over 15 minutes. Earplugs can be purchased at the bar.

Rental of the Body Factory

If you need a great venue for your next company event, meeting, product launch, lecture or similar, you are welcome to contact us for an offer.