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About Karosserifabrikken

Who we are?

We are a privately owned, association-run venue with a focus on high quality rock & pop music. We are not a part of the municipal / regional subsidy system. Our finances may be limited, but on the other hand we have full freedom to create events of our own liking.

We exist under exactly the same market conditions as the artists we present and our driving force is solely a genuine interest in great music.

The ambition is 25 – 30 concerts and other cultural events annually.

Close to the music!

The old and scarred factory hall forms the setting for our concerts and other high-quality cultural activities organized by the Musikforeningen Karosserifabrikken.

It is our ambition to create a venue where both audience and artists will leave with the best experiences – where you are literally close to each other – and where the intimate atmosphere creates something out of the ordinary!

The building has the exciting history of having been one of Denmark’s first and largest bodywork factories. In 1922, the Karosserifabrikken Kronborg was founded and here some of the first buses and commercial vehicles for the Danish roads were built and production continued right up to the end of the 1950s. The building’s sturdy construction in thick concrete makes it a good starting point for a concert hall with good acoustic properties.

In recent times, the property, under the name Musikkens Hus, has had a wide variety of cultural activities including the iconic Sweet Silence music studio, the record company and tour management Eastwing & Partners and gallery exhibitions with painter musicians.

Karosserifabrikken works closely with the Musikforeningen Karosserifabrikken and the voluntary forces it consists of. The focal point is a love of music and the desire to create positive events for the benefit of the local area.