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The history of Karosserifabrikken

Today we are a small, intimate venue

But even though we are a small, intimate venue with top-class acoustics and sound, Karosserifabrikken started as something completely different. As our name suggests, cars were built in the building way back in the beginning.

Today, however, cars are a thing of the past, and instead we house all kinds of different artists and genres, which help make Karosserifabrikken the fantastic venue it is.

Back when cars were built in Helsingør

In 1922, the company Karosserifabrikken Kronborg was founded and at the latest in 1928 they moved into the factory halls at Murergade 8-10.

From the start, it established itself as one of the first and largest bodywork factories in the country. In 1935, the building was expanded with a, by the standards of the time, very large painting workshop of 84 m2. Twice as big as normal rules allowed, but when omnibuses were built here it was necessary to be able to handle the biggest cars.

The stage is located precisely in the painting workshop and the majority of the audience stands on the original factory floor where, among other things, produced 800 truck cabs as in the big picture.

The production of vehicles included everything from large buses to smaller commercial vehicles for use by bakers, breweries etc. Up through the fifties, Københavner Taxis were also built – a very special model with extra seats and space for the passengers.

The building has thus been a significant part of the industrial development Helsingør went through in the pre- and post-war period.