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Let´s work together!

Contact venue owner Anders Nannerup directly at or phone +45 28443350. We can even help you set up shows in other parts of Scandinavia if you need help with that.

Karosserifabrikken is a small, intimate live venue with the highest quality in acoustics and sound. We’re located just 45 minutes north of Copenhagen, as well as only a 20 minutes ferry ride from Swedish Helsingborg, all in all a location that can attract a mixed international audience if you have the fans.

Are you touring Scandinavia or Northern Europe, you will probably already pass right by Karosserifabrikken when you take the ferry between Elsinore and Helsingborg, Sweden. It would be a great place to do a stop, enjoy the beautiful Castle of Kronborg and play a show!

We can handle up to almost 300 guests but the venue layout will give you a great show and ambience with much less.

We have free parking for your Nightliner or vans, load in is right by the parking and almost directly onto the stage. Our back stage lounge is cozy and comfortable, has it´s own toilet and access to a washer/dryer if needed. Also access to your own little patio and most importantly, direct access to the stage.

If you want to do a live recording right out of FOH, we have a great sounding stage with just the right level of dampening.